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If you love animals, don't google Arrow today.

So there I was, innocently trying out the voice google thing on my phone, and said “arrow”. Among the many results pertaining to my shameful Amell addiction, there was a news item about a female vet (-erinarean, not veteran, who might have had the excuse of PTSD) who shot what she termed a “feral” cat with a bow and arrow. And took a selfie of herself with the poor thing. And posted it on social media. And yes, by ‘cat’ I don’t use that word to refer to big game hunting, I mean domestic shorthair, felis catus. And, not that it matters, but the owner of this “feral” recognized her beloved pet in this horrible photo that this waste of a human being took.

Because even if you, as a medical professional dealing with animals, take it on yourself to euthanize a stray, one would hope there are more humane methods than a bow and arrow.


And. And. I just.

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