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the Kinjapocalypse is upon us . . .

. . . save yourselves.

No really, I wake up this morning, compose a long-ass post for Observation Deck, and guess what, I'm pending there too. And I can't even recommend posts - is this me, or are the stars gone too? "It's full of stars- wait, ok they're gone."


So, I have been having the worst month, because apparently cats can get breast cancer, who knew, right? And after a mastectomy, cat still doesn't know better than to pull at stitches, so I have to watch like hawk most of the day, or sleep when she sleeps so that I will at least get any sleep. And, no, she can't wear a cone because she's an old lady with an ear infection to add to everything, and all I need is for her to stroke out because the cone is driving her mad. I have at least 5 t-shirts which have been altered in some way, and the only one which marginally covers the area where she took out her stitches (and is now infected) is the one which turns into a diaper once her majesty uses the litter box.

I'm just tired. Really tired. Not feeling up to jumping through hoops right now.

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